Is it really “flu season” or is this time of illness the perfect storm of holidays, junk food and cold, cloudy days? We can actually improve our immune systems, enjoy health and wellness, even in the winter. Let’s dig into the research on how chiropractic care (and a bunch of other things!) can help you avoid the flu this year. 


What Is The Flu and Why It Matters


Each year, millions of Americans get infected with various strains of influenza viruses affecting their noses, throats and possibly their lungs. From about November to March, moms watch their kids for symptoms of the flu: fever, congestion, sore throats, coughs, aches and chills. We all pray that we don’t get “that flu bug that’s going around.” 


Avoiding the flu keeps kids in school and reduces the time that adults need to take off of work, saving the economy millions of dollars. It can also be lifesaving, especially for the immunocompromised, seniors, and babies. Staying healthy is really about more than avoiding trips to the doctor.


How to Avoid the Flu With Chiropractic

Number one! Focus your efforts on strengthening your immune system. The body’s level of health explains why some people in the same office or family don’t get sick when exposed to the same germs, bacteria and virus that send others to bed sick.  


Chiropractic care increases your immune system’s capabilities because it helps the body to function and communicate better. When the spine is in alignment, the nerves of the spinal column can transfer messages from the brain to the body, and back again. When the vertebrae are out of place and press on the spinal cord (called a subluxation), it interferes with brain/body communication. 


A study by Dr. Ronald Pero examined 107 people over three years. He found that chiropractic patients had a “200% greater immune competence” than people who had not been under chiropractic care. 


Chiropractic’s flu-fighting skills are also due to the fact that a well-adjusted person:

  1. Has more energy for all systems to fight illness
  2. Sleeps better, giving the body a chance to rejuvenate
  3. Digests better, saving energy for other functions


3 Other Ways to Fight the Flu

When your mama sent you to run around outside, saying you needed fresh air and sunshine, she was onto something. Our bodies need vitamin D, and the lack of it in the winter can make us more susceptible to viruses. Cod liver oil and other quality supplements can get you the vitamin D you need. Take advantage of the New Year’s gym deals and get your body moving too. 


All the sugar we commonly consume from Halloween ‘til Easter can destroy the friendly bacteria of the gut that is key to your immune system. Cutting out sugar, or reducing it, helps our health in all kinds of ways.  


Just washing or sanitizing our hands isn’t going to make us healthier – in fact, we need to come into contact with some microbes in order to have a robust immune system. A better plan is to prioritize our health during flu season, slowing down and not running ourselves ragged. Just as we see nature slowing down and hibernating right now, we too can rest. 


Read our post about how to listen to our symptoms and care for our bodies, with ideas for supplements as well.

Stay Healthy!

Strengthen YOUR immune system and get your nervous system communicating properly with a  chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Megan Afshar is a chiropractor practicing in the Greenville, SC area, specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here.