Can a chiropractor help migraines? What about other kinds of headaches? Yes, chiropractic may help, but that’s not our goal. It may sound cryptic, but at Upstate Specific Chiropractic, we don’t adjust based on symptoms. Let us explain.

A headache of any kind is alerting you that something isn’t functioning correctly or that you aren’t processing a stressor well.

Different kinds of headaches can have various causes and triggers. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines: their source may be nerve restriction, blood flow restriction, stress or even food and environmental triggers.

So how could chiropractic help?

The Truth Behind Headaches: Chiropractic & Function 

Dr. Megan frequently tells her patients that she doesn’t chase symptoms, like headaches or migraines. 

Chiropractic detects vertebral subluxations, where the vertebrae are misaligned and putting pressure on the nerves. Specific adjustments correct and move those bones back into place. Often, time and repetition are needed for the body to hold that alignment. 

When the body is aligned, the nerves can operate at their maximum potential. When the nerves can communicate well with the brain, your brain can begin healing, prioritizing whatever specific issues it has going on.

This means that two people with a similar subluxation could have different symptoms. Your body is going to manifest dysfunction in different ways, based on your unique stressors and physiology. 

At Upstate Specific, we make sure we address your subluxations specifically, with specific 3D images taken at your initial visit, and a thermal scan of your spine at every visit. 

You may have headaches, migraines or low back pain – but if we see that your upper cervical vertebrae are misaligned, we’re going to adjust there and see how the body begins to heal.

As humans, we tend to compartmentalize, but chiropractic is about viewing the function of the body as a whole and specifically identifying where there’s dysfunction.

How Chiropractic Helped His Migraines  

We have definitely had patients who came to chiropractic for migraines (and have had amazing restored function!)

One man went from nearly constant migraines to 18 months headache-free! After going to multiple doctors and many chiropractors, Jack had given up hope on an answer to his debilitating migraines.

We checked and showed him the specific subluxations that needed to be addressed and gave him a specific strategy to pinpoint and relieve that nerve pressure with specific adjustments. 

Watch his story in his own words – what he says at the end of this video is the best about what you should look for in your healthcare!

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