What are Macro and Micro Traumas?

A macro trauma is an injury from an event, where the effects are seen sooner or later. This could be anything from a car wreck to rolling off the bed as a baby.

Birth is also a major physical event in a woman’s body & baby’s body that’s not always recognized as a trauma. Tripping & falling could be a macro trauma for a child.

A micro trauma is the small day-to-day things that build up to have the same effect as a larger trauma.

We can see micro traumas in anyone who has done a repetitive motion or posture: from dentists to business professionals, to school children, to nursing moms.

Signs of Dysfunction Include:

  • Sleep issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Headaches
  • Failure to thrive
  • Discomfort & pain
  • Anything that isn’t working like it should!

How Trauma Affects Your Spine

Anytime there’s a trauma of any size, the body tries to adapt & heal.

However, when there’s even a slight shift in the vertebrae or pelvis (from macro or micro traumas), it creates pressure that can compromise the nerve function of the spinal cord.

We call this a subluxation – misaligned bones that are interfering with the brain & body’s communication via the nervous system.

Subluxations can be the underlying problem that is causing reduced function throughout the body, along with discomfort & pain.

Why Choose Chiropractic

Specific chiropractic adjustments give you a foundation for true healing! We partner with your body to reestablish brain/body communication, which allows you to heal naturally.

To do this, we use 3-dimensional x-rays using cone beam contrast tomography & a thorough exam to determine exactly where your vertebrae are misaligned.

Our adjustments are gentle & effective, using a light contact point, without twisting or popping. This makes it wonderful for everyone from pregnant moms to tiny newborns, from kids to grandparents.

With the pressure removed from the nerves, function is restored so that your body can regulate better physically & mentally.

Achieving Vibrant Life for the Whole Family

We want to partner with your family for long term health. This means identifying where your spine needs correction, stabilizing it with time & repetition to optimize your healing process!

We welcome everyone, specifically specializing in prenatal & pediatric care.

Prenatal chiropractic helps mother & baby to have a more comfortable pregnancy, easier delivery & better postpartum experience. We have additional training & certifications to give you the best care during pregnancy.

Pediatric chiropractic corrects subluxations before they interfere with development or cause other problems. When kids’ bodies work the way they’re supposed to, they can thrive with less illness or discomfort.

We recommend getting your family checked regularly, but especially if they’ve had any kind of macro or micro traumas.

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What Our Practice Members say:

“Dr Megan is thorough, amazing at what she does, and so incredibly caring. Since starting care with her, I’ve felt better, physically and emotionally, than I have in longer than I can remember.” Holly C.