An important addition to your birth team, a prenatal chiropractor helps moms feel more comfortable while growing a healthy baby.  It’s scientifically proven that a prenatal chiropractor benefits moms both before and after pregnancy.

  1.  Before pregnancy.  Prenatal chiropractic helps you conceive.

Many couples who thought they were infertile are helped with chiropractic visits.  Not only do adjustments restore proper nerve supply to reproductive organs, but they also promote a more regular menstrual cycle and optimal uterine function.

Peristalsis is the muscle activity in your body that propels the egg’s journey.  It is controlled by a signal relayed between your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Misalignments in your spine can interfere with that nerve communication and cause endometriosis or an inability to conceive.  Removing that interference with the help of a chiropractor optimizes the body’s ability to create life.

A prenatal chiropractor also prepares your body to be strong, supple and balanced so it more easily adapts to carrying new life.  Couples struggling with infertility traditionally go the route of costly medication, surgery or IVF. By first addressing nervous system function, nutrition, and stress management they may conceive on their own.

  1. During pregnancy.  Regular adjustments help your expanding body, making you more comfortable and ready for delivery.

A growing baby and increased fetal movement, changes in your center of gravity, pregnancy hormones loosening joints, a modified gait and posture, need we say more?

Your pregnant body is prone to aches and pains with all the shifting and adjusting it’s required to do.  A prenatal chiropractor can monitor your spine and pelvis to ensure optimal health and comfort.  Your spine will stay in its ideal posture, reducing back and neck pain.

A whopping 84% of women report relief of back pain during pregnancy with chiropractic care.

With your spine in proper alignment, your nervous system can function at its peak and support your growing baby.  Recent studies show regular adjustments may result in more comfort during your last trimester.

Adjustments help position your baby in its optimal birthing position, including helping a breach baby turn on its own.  With an aligned spine and pelvis, labor progresses more quickly, and an easier labor and delivery means less drug intervention.

One study showed a decrease of 50% in pain meds needed for women who had undergone regular chiropractic treatment.  Another study showed a 24% reduction in labor times with first pregnancies and 39% reduction for second and third pregnancies.

  1. After pregnancy.  Recuperate from the stress of delivery and support recovery, improve milk supply and reduce postpartum depression.

Seeing a chiropractor post-partum can help you recuperate from the stress of delivery and support recovery after birth.

Since chiropractic adjustments correct posture misalignments, moms report more comfort during breastfeeding, as well as the ability to produce more milk.  Chiropractic care also reduces incidences of postpartum depression.

Adding a prenatal chiropractor to your birth team supports the many transitions your body will go through during this season of your life.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

Located in Greenville, South Carolina,  Dr. Afshar specializes in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic.