Family chiropractic is dear to our heart at Upstate Specific Chiropractic because we truly believe that every single person with a spine and nervous system can benefit from being adjusted. Have your children been healthier while under care? Make an appointment for yourself. Are you functioning better with regular adjustments? Bring your husband in next time. Tell grandparents how chiropractic can change their lives too!        

How Chiropractic Can Help Colic and Arthritis


The nervous system is the foundational system of everything in the body. It connects every organ and tells every muscle what to do. 

You can walk and your biomechanics function because of your nervous system. 

Your immune system knows to fight off an invader because of your nervous system.

The extreme tips of your fingers obey the brain’s commands because of your nervous system.

Hormones rise. Heart beats. Lungs inflate. All thanks to the nervous system.  


That means that everyone who has a spine is an ideal candidate for chiropractic, at any age, with any condition or disease. That probably includes your whole family!


Even family members who have had back surgeries can benefit from the upper cervical adjustments (we specialize in that!). We have had several patients with past spinal fusions who use regular chiropractic care. This ensures that their bodies are function optimally, reducing the risks of needing yet another surgery.   


Family Chiropractic – Out of Crisis Mode

We met one of our favorite families when their little girl started chiropractic care for her chronic earaches. She had already had ear tube procedures multiple times and was still struggling.


The mom saw such a great improvement in her daughter’s health, that she started getting adjusted too. She was under chiropractic care for her whole second pregnancy; what an amazing difference from her first! Even the labor and delivery were smooth and quick; a night and day improvement. The second baby has been adjusted regularly and is growing up without the health issues that big sister fought. Now a third baby has joined both their family and Upstate Specific Chiropractic. (See her video testimonial at the end of this post!)


We love when dads follow their families to get adjusted. We understand that with work schedules and life, it’s frequently hard to prioritize chiropractic. 


However, many busy men seem to wait for care until they are completely broken. They don’t call until they are desperate to get adjusted because they’re in too much pain to get dressed. If you get into that crisis, we can guarantee that you have felt bad, and being functioning poorly, for a long time.  


We want to start educating families that being proactive and consistent with their chiropractic care is vastly better than ignoring your health until you feel like junk.

Prevention vs Intervention


There’s two scenarios we see frequently. Someone in pain comes to see us intensively, twice a week for two months every year. They get a ton better, then stop care. until they are in a crisis again. It’s a vicious cycle. 


You can’t feel your toes. You can’t sleep. You’re so very constipated. You get adjusted and feel better. The you stop care until those problems (or new ones!) emerge again.


However, for the same amount of time and money, your whole family can get adjusted regularly throughout the year and stay well.  

Bring the Family!


Make health a family affair with a round of chiropractic adjustments for everyone. Dr. Megan Afshar is a chiropractor practicing in the Greenville, SC area, specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here.

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