When we think about reproduction and infertility, we generally think of the organs, soft tissues and hormones involved. However, what if we look at the structure of the body for answers? Chiropractic care looks beyond the symptoms to see an improved state of health for the whole body. 

But how are our bones and our hormones linked?

The nervous system is key to hormone production and distribution. The initial step for the hormone is created in your brain. But it needs good communication to your ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid to make sure those hormones are actually being fabricated properly.    

The nervous system connects the body and brain, allowing them to communicate with each other. It does this mainly through the spinal cord, which is housed in the spine. When misaligned (subluxated) bones press on the spinal cord, the nervous system has interference and that communication is blocked. 

Specific chiropractic adjustments relieve those subluxations, allowing for a flow of life-giving information and health.

Possible Sources of Infertility


Stress is a massive component of infertility. This includes physical and emotional stressors. We need to regulate how we process and respond to both.

 Physiologically, our bodies don’t know the difference between kinds of stress; it experiences difficulty with a boss, in much the same way it does running from tiger. Stress is stress. 

Chiropractic helps to remove or reduce the stress on the body, so that it can naturally integrate stressors. This helps the body to turn on and off your “fight or flight” responses appropriately. 

Birth Control Medication

After a decade or more of taking birth control, it’s not surprising that not every woman can immediately conceive after she stops the medication. These hormones affect the body’s ability to self-regulate natural hormones. 

Clearing the nervous system with chiropractic enhances the body’s ability to detox and heal.        

Dr. Megan’s Personal Journey

“In my personal story, I had a lot of hormonal imbalance,” said Dr Megan. “When I was 19, I had a really large ovarian cyst that ruptured and it tore my right ovary in half. I had internal bleeding from it and ended up having emergency surgery from it. I had lost a large amount of blood. 

After six months of monitoring, the doctors told her that her body wasn’t able to balance her hormones correctly. “Your ovaries are not functioning the way they’re supposed to and you’re never going to be able to have kids,” they said. 

“I was put on a ton of medications and given the diagnosis of infertility,” said Dr. Megan. “If I ever went off my medication, my ovaries would start to produce very large cysts. So I went back on the meds.”

“Finally, when I was in my mid-twenties, I got under chiropractic care. After a year, (at age 27) I tried going off my medication again. And I was perfectly fine. And I’ve been fine ever since.”

Now Dr. Megan loves sharing her journey because our hormones are regulated by and through brains and nervous systems. 

Infertility Testimonials at Upstate Specific Chiropractic

We expect miracles and we see them happen! 

Laura* started chiropractic care for hip and back pain after her first baby. She told Dr. Megan about how hard it had been to get pregnant – with hormone shots before conception and then through the pregnancy to help her keep the baby. 

However, while getting adjusted regularly, Laura got pregnant without even trying! She had even mentioned that as much as they wanted to grow their family, she wasn’t sure she could deal with all the shots again. With her nervous system functioning optimally, there was no need. She had a fantastic pregnancy and health delivery.


At Upstate Specific Chiropractic, we’ve had a couple men who were under care when their miracle happened. 

On couple had used IVF for two pregnancies and were hoping for a third child. Dave* came to the office for vertigo and had upper cervical adjustments. As being aligned clears the nervous system, the whole body functions better. One day, Dave announced they were having a baby–without IVF or other assistance!  

In another case, the whole family was under care. The dad’s needed a lot of help with alignment and posture, with upper cervical work. They had suffered the loss of several miscarriages, and a difficult time conceiving their firstborn. They were so thrilled when their improved health led to an easy conception and great pregnancy.


Once you are pregnant, it’s great to continue care. Read more about adding a chiropractor to your birth team here.  

Other Resources for Infertility

We’re so grateful for different fields of study working together to improve our health and fertility.

As a society, our health is just depleted and in general, our eating habits aren’t helping. We recommend a phenomenal nutritionist, Sarah Rhodes. She’s local to Greenville and can help you to co-manage your hormone levels and give your body what it truly needs. 

Acupuncture can be another useful tool. We love referring to Katie Edwards at Center of Bliss. They specialize in fertility care, with information for men and women. 

*Name changed for privacy