Is It Time To Retrain Your Brain About Chiropractic?

I really hoped you enjoyed watching that video, because it’s probably going to be on constant playback in your head for a while. Sorry about that (though I don’t think it as infectious as that Chumbawamba song back in the 90’s). The thing is, I really have to give props to Virgin for creating such a twisted, clever, what-did-I-just-watch commercial. Sometimes I find myself walking around the house muttering “retrain your brain” because it’s so darn catchy. And that right there is how you know you’ve made a great ad.

If you weren’t aware, Virgin Mobile buys wireless spectrum from Sprint, the 4th largest wireless carrier in the US. That means, you get the same coverage (from experience, not the best), significantly cheaper monthly plans, all without a contract. That being said, why would you ever sign a two year agreement, throw away twice the amount of money, for the same thing? Branding!

(Intermission: Ok I’m a chiropractor and you’re wondering why I’m talking cell phones. Hold tight, there is a moral to this story)

…And we’re back.

As the saying goes, we’re creatures of habit. If you see or hear something enough, you’ll begin to slowly accept it as true and add it to your belief system. That’s exactly why Motorola is about to unveil a “revolutionary’ new phone called the Moto X and plunk down 500 million just to make sure you know about it. Will it be the best phone available? I’m not sure yet, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you believe it is. Since I don’t think I’ve gotten my point across enough, here are some more examples:

The Cadillac SRX. $58,220 with all the bells and whistles…
…is the same thing as a Chevy Equinox, but re-branded as a “Luxury SUV”. Cost $32,735. Almost the same vehicle, but twice as much.   


How about batteries? Did you know Kirkland Signature batteries from Costco outperform comparable versions of Duracell and Energizer? All those cutesy bunny and life saving commercials had us all fooled. 


Or finally, how about those heart healthy Cheerios? Same ingredients as Joe’s O’s, but more money. I love Trader Joe’s so I would pick that brand anyways.


Health Shouldn’t Be About Branding Or Social Status

I’ve noticed a trend over the years. Have you noticed that hospitals and health systems nowadays are really getting into the mainstream? They’re almost borderline “cool” and to be affiliated with them is just…I’m gonna say it, rad. Johns Hopkins has almost 53k likes on Facebook. “Surgery” has almost 95k! That’s surgery, as in you get cut open while someone explores your insides (fingers crossed).

No, not cool! *unlike*.

Believe me when I say it, but the billions that are spent annually to brand Big Pharma and the rest of the medical system is working…as planned. The safer, more effective means of treating conditions will continue to get swept under the rug because the budget simply is not there to promote them.

When was the last time you saw a national advertising campaign for chiropractic and its many benefits? Because of that, millions of people are opting for invasive procedures that are not only risky, but oftentimes come with more complications.

Parents, instead of opting for this:
Have you considered trying this for fluid build up, ear infections, or even infected tonsils? It’s been proven to be much more effective with 100% fewer needles.

(That’s Dr. Alex Lopatnyuk. Great friend and doctor from Winter Garden, FL.


I don’t get on a weekly soapbox to make anyone feel bad about their choices of health care. On the contrary. I do it, because like me, I hope that you can “Retrain Your Brain” and reevaluate old ideas and ways of thinking about your body. Admit it or not, but like your adorable shih tzu, you’ve been put through obedience school too. Having said that, I leave you with this: