I’m going to venture to guess that, if you’re suffering from something that’s not obviously related to your spine that you didn’t wake up this morning and say,

Eureka! I bet that upper cervical doctor is just the guy who can help.”

I’ll take no offense. In fact, it’s common and completely understandable that one doesn’t typically equate chiropractic care with conditions like digestive disorders, migraines,  ADHD, fatigue, fibromyalgia … or even multiple sclerosis. But when you consider that the nervous system controls just about every function in your body, it stands to reason that when something is compromising it? All sorts of not-so-great things can happen. It also stands to reason that, if we can reverse this situation, you may realize considerable relief or resolution to pain or conditions that are affecting your everyday life.

So how do you know if Upper Cervical Care may be right for you?  

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate:

  • Do you suffer from headaches, earaches or backaches that medication or other treatment is not alleviating or resolving?
  • Do you or one of your family members regularly struggle to sleep through the night? Is the exhaustion leading to other health or relationship problems?
  • Do you have ongoing digestive issues that haven’t been solved through medication or dietary changes?
  • Do you have a child who isn’t responding well to ADHD, colic or autism-related medications or treatment?
  • Are you experiencing ongoing pain in your body?
  • Do you have vertigo, dizziness or  unexplained problems with your vision or hearing?
  • Are you at your wit’s end because nothing you’ve tried so far has helped you?
  • Do you want to feel confident that you can, and will, get your old self back?
                                                                                                                                                                                    Upper Cervical Chiropractic 
If you answered “YES” to at least one of these questions, I may have a care plan that delivers the answers you’ve been looking for. While upper cervical care isn’t often the first thing people think of when struggling with frustrating, debilitating and life-altering conditions, we may well be the answer that’s (finally) the one for you.

 Can’t hurt to check it out, right?