When we think of children, we sometimes get idyllic about how carefree and happy they must be without mortgages and work loads to manage. However, children’s lives are full of various stressors that parents should watch over and help them to navigate, especially at this time of year.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men,” said Frederick Douglass. 



We firmly believe this and want to do our best to use chiropractic to help children’s bodies stay strong and adapt better to whatever life has for them.

Emotional Stress

Remember those first day jitters? The stress of having a new teacher, a new school, new classmates and figuring it all out is a lot for a child. Back to school season is also full of choices; children can feel decision-fatigue after all the shopping and choosing.

We all hope that our children will be surrounded only by kind people, but it isn’t always the case.    Kids can be mean; bullying is a stress no one should have to deal with. But there it is.

Emotional causes have a direct impact on the body and spine. You can look across a room and see a sad, slouched child. Our bodies reflect our mood. After a time in that defeated posture, the bones shift to adapt, subluxating out of their optimal position. 

Chemical Stress

Antibiotics, medications and drugs are not the only things that strain kids chemically. Everything that they eat or drink is either supporting their body, or causing it more work to process and eliminate. Drinking lots of water, eating well-balanced meals, getting fresh air and sunshine all make a difference in keeping bones, muscles, organs and systems in prime condition.

Physical Stress

Kids’ growing bodies were made for action. Hold still for hours at a desk is hard! A sedentary day and, frequently, bad posture at a desk puts tension on the spine. 

Recess is still an important subject, and running and playing, getting blood flowing is important for physical and mental well-being. When kids’ exercise time is reduced, stress adds up and doesn’t have an outlet. Give them adequate time before and after school to move their bodies.  

School backpacks add weight and stress to kids’ bodies. Try reducing the amount in their packs and making sure they are well-fitted. However, when vertebrae shift out of place with physical strain, they need to be adjusted back into place by chiropractic for full function to return. 

What to Do

It’s no wonder that children are stressed, fatigued and suffer from headaches. Regular chiropractic care can help address and correct the effects of all these stressors in the school year. A gentle chiropractic adjustment puts the spine back into alignment, correcting where it was subluxated as the body tried to adapt to pressure.

Get your children evaluated today and give their bodies and minds the best school year possible. Dr. Megan Afshar is a chiropractor practicing in the Greenville, SC area.  She specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here.