We should honor our bodies; they are worth looking after. That means listening to and embracing those symptoms, not numbing or ignoring them. When we take care of the underlying problem, the symptoms will go away. 

For example, you wake up in the middle of the night. Something isn’t right with your baby; you know this because she is crying. You go to check and whew! She needs a diaper change.

A baby’s cry is a signal communicating that something is going on that needs your attention. Similarly, your body uses symptoms to say, “hey, I need some help.” 

What About a Fever?

One symptom that commonly gets pushed down is a fever. This is a clear indicator that your body is working hard to fight something off. Low-grade fevers don’t need to be lowered. This article in the Journal of Thoracic Disease sites many studies examining this idea. In it they quote Thomas Sydenham who described fever as “nature’s engine which she brings into the field to remove her enemy.” (Payne JF. Thomas Sydenham. London: T Fisher Un-win, 1900.)

Physiologically, our white blood cell count doubles for every degree that your temperature raises. Our cells have a built-in system for killing off attackers. Suppressing a fever is turning off a signal that the body is at war. 

Obviously, the body needs help sometimes against heavy-duty invaders it wasn’t prepared to tackle; in these cases, it is amazing to have modern medicine to step in. However, most of the time with some support, you can let the fever do its job and heal naturally.

Overlooked Symptoms 

Many symptoms can be overlooked as unimportant, but are still signals that the body isn’t functioning optimally. Constipation is one of them. Mayo Clinic describes constipation as “as having fewer than three bowel movements a week.” It isn’t healthy or normal to have waste sitting in your bowels. Be aware and listen to what your body is telling you, and get that poop out!

Balance and coordination issues can also be brushed aside or explained with a simple, “I’m clumsy.” However, this shows that the brain and body are disconnected and not communicating well. 

Sleep issues are actually a symptom of dysfunction as well, Some people say, “I just don’t sleep well.” Your body is hardwired for restoration and rejuvenation. If that isn’t happening, it’s time to look into why and what else is going on. 

Chronic colds and catching every virus and bug that goes around is another alert that your body needs help. You can live full of health and vitality.

What to Do About Symptoms?

When Dr. Megan begins to feel something coming on, even just a tickle in the back of her throat, she takes action. She recommends not waiting and starting immediately with great natural remedies that support the body’s immune system.

First, get adjusted so that your body can function and communicate better. Constipation and balance have been known to improve very quickly after specific adjustments. A better pathway for communication along the spinal cord allows the body to know if the fever has been effective or needs to be lowered. 

Water is vital for the body, with whatever it is dealing with. At the first sign of flu or cold symptoms, up your intake of pure water.

Elderberry syrup has been shown to boost the immune system, shorten and lessen the severity of viruses. Bone broth is also a wonderful way to get nutrients the body needs and reduce inflammation when you aren’t feeling great. 

Dr. Megan also takes rest seriously. At the first sign of symptoms, she will cancel plans and get rest, even if it’s disappointing to miss out. Prioritizing her health helps her to be able to continue to live out her mission to serve you.

If you wait to take these actions until you are full-blown sick, may not help you recover very quickly. However, if you listen to your body and those symptoms, you can set your body up for change before an illness knocks you out of commission.  

Take the first step towards listening to your body and get adjusted. Dr. Megan Afshar is a chiropractor practicing in the Greenville, SC area. She specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here.


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