If you’ve considered visiting a chiropractor, but are a little unsure what to expect, then read on!

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get at our office:

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we are in network with BCBS, but also have cash options.

Do you accept new patients?

Always! We see both male and female patients and treat newborns to elderly.

How much does a visit cost?

Consultations are always free. We don’t know how many regions we need to adjust until we do an examination.  It’s always the patient’s choice to move forward with an adjustment.

Do you offer care plans?

Yes, we offer care plans as well as family plans to accommodate everyone.  Our care plans ensure you get the number of adjustments needed for optimal healing.

What do I need to bring on the day of the appointment? 

Everything is provided for you.  We just need a copy of your insurance card if you are using it.

Are you a “crack and pop” kind of chiropractor?

No! Dr. Megan’s adjustments are as safe and gentle as getting a massage!  You’ll never feel any cracking or twisting, just renewed health and vitality as nerve interference is reduced and your body is allowed to function at its peak!

Is Dr. Megan strong enough to adjust me?

It’s not about strength, but speed! Her adjustments are specific, quick and gentle.

How is Upstate Specific Chiropractic different from other chiropractic offices? 

You aren’t just a patient with us.  You’re family.  We take the time to educate our patients so that you know what’s going on with your body and why. Keeping you healthy and feeling well is our number one priority!

What kind of patients does Dr. Megan typically see?

We specialize in pregnancy and pediatric care, but our patients are from all age groups. We have some big men walk through our doors too!

How long does a visit typically take? 

Exams are about an hour and regular adjustments are between fifteen and twenty minutes long.

It’s our desire that you discover the energy and health that can be yours with regular chiropractic care.  Are there questions that you have? Did we answer all of them? If not, comment below!

Dr. Megan Afshar specializes in pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care in the Greenville, SC area. For a free consultation, contact us here.