Do you know how amazing your body is?

Your body contains an innate wisdom and intelligence that chiropractors as a profession work with to keep healthy and strong.

When a cut heals, your heart beats or your food digests, you benefit from this intelligence through no conscious effort of your own. It’s part of a system, a vital life force that keeps us vibrant and healthy.

That is, unless something interferes with the life-giving signals passing from your brain to every cell, organ, muscle and gland.

Your nervous system: the Master Controller

As the master controller, your brain and nervous system communicate to the rest of your body through the pathway of the spinal cord.  Twenty-four moveable vertebrae protect your spinal cord.  Spinal nerves exit between each vertebra and branch out to deliver the messages sent from your brain.

When nervous system interference occurs, it usually happens in your spine. If your vertebrae get out of alignment – even slightly – through injury, poor posture or other life stresses, the vertebrae may stop the flow of nervous system energy.  These misalignments slow the transmission of nervous system impulses and prevent the body from staying healthy.  It’s like a circuit breaker tripping in your home, preventing electricity from flowing into a room.

Restoring nerve function

Chiropractors call these misalignments a subluxation. They specialize in locating and coaxing your vertebrae back to a place where normal nerve function is restored, and damaged tissues can heal.  The happy result is a nervous system that once again communicates with and controls body functions, as well as a return of health and vitality.

Many of our patients come to us for an ache or pain they can’t get rid of. A body that is free from subluxation allows the brain and nervous system to once again send life-giving signals through the spinal pathway.  As a result, our patients begin to feel better in ways they hadn’t imagined. Too often we accept certain aches and pains as part of getting older but experiencing the healing power of chiropractic proves that our body is wonderfully made. This innate wisdom will keep you healthy all the days of your life with the proper care.


Dr. Megan Afshar is a chiropractor practicing in the Greenville, SC area.  She specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here.